Coenzyme Q-10



  • Antioxidant
  • Immunity
  • Cardioprotective
  • Heptoprotective
  • Antitumor
  • Neuroprotective
Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10), also known as ubiquinone, is a natural antioxidant that is made by the body of humans and animals. It helps protect cells from oxidative damage and disease-causing bacteria or viruses. Supplemental CoQ10 is useful for neurodegenerative disorders, heart conditions, cancer prevention, liver protection and metabolic diseases.

A summary of research studies on CoQ10 conducted specifically in chickens and other poultry are provided in the table below.

Poultry Specific Studies

TypePlant PartDosageSpecific useResultsRef
Chickens1 mg/kg PO QD-BIDheart disease, metabolic disorders, immunitybeneficial for poultry suffering from heart or metabolic disorders, immune deficient, and older birdsK Marx
Broilers20-40 mg/kgcardioprotective, ascitesreduced ascites mortality.A Geng et al., 2010
Quail900 mg/kg of dietreproductive protectionShowed beneficial effects on some reproduction characteristics of female Japanese quail under Cd-induced oxidative stress.H Rafieian-Naeini et al., 2021
Chickens300-600 mg/kg of dietreproductive enhancementHelped improve testicular function in older roosters.H Sharideh et al., 2020
Broilers30 mg/kg BWliver protectionProtected the liver against diclofenac-induced liver injury while augmenting diclofenac-induced kidney injury.Y Albadrany et al., 2020
Broilers20-40 mg/kg of dietcardioprotective, ascitesreduced mortality from ascites in broilers undergoing cold-stress.M Nemati et al., 2017
Broilers40 mg/kg of dietHeat stressShowed benefit for broiler chickens suffering from heat stress.S Raeisi-Zeydabad et al., 2017