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Bird And Exotic Animal Hospital

Based at the internationally renowned Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital in South Africa, the privately run Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital focuses towards world class care of Birds (including pet poultry!), Reptiles, Primates, Fish, Small Mammals, Invertebrates and other non-traditional species.

They have access to top facilities and equipment including an ICU with 24 hour monitoring, Ultrasound, CT Scanning and an in-house clinical pathology lab.

Dorianne Elliott, DVM

Dr Elliott is the owner of the Clinic and has been working specifically with exotic animals since 2003.

Dorianne has a special interest in surgery but as our most experienced vet is hands on with all our cases. She is one of the few vets in Gauteng qualified to handle and treat venomous snakes.

Dr Elliott lectures extensively both to the undergraduate veterinary students at Onderstepoort as well as to other veterinarians and exotic animal interest groups.

She enjoys speaking on the radio and is often to be heard on 702 as well as other stations educating the public about the responsibilites of owning exotic pets.

Dorianne has kept numerous non-traditional animals including parrots, reptiles, fish, invertebrates, monkeys, chinchillas etc and also enjoys helping with rehabilitation work on wildlife, which the clinic sponsors.

Dorianne keeps a large number of animals, most of them rescues.