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9330 Waldemar road
Indianapolis , IN 46268

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Avian Exotic Animal Clinic Of Indianapolis

Avian Exotic Animal Clinic of Indianapolis specializes in providing veterinary care for exotic pets and birds (including poultry). The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic was established in 1985 and is Indiana’s first veterinary practice dedicated entirely to the care of exotic and nontraditional pet species. The clinic offers full medical and surgical care of all exotic pet species, 24-hour emergency service and referral, behavioral consultation, and house calls. The staff of the Avian and Exotic Animal clinic includes veterinarians and dedicated and skilled registered veterinary technicians and assistants

Angela Lennox, DVM

My path to exotic pet medicine was a bit unusual-I always pictured being in Critical Care. In high school I was coming home late from my job at an emergency veterinary hospital and came across a dead mother opossum in the road-and her 8 live youngsters. I picked them up and called a wildlife rehabilitator-who insisted that I become her assistant and learn to raise them myself! Over the next few years my father built enclosures for birds of prey, squirrels and all kinds of injured and orphaned wildlife as I learned from her and earned my own rehabilitation license. In vet school I was taught by a woman running what we think was the very first all avian clinic-after one year in canine/feline practice I went to work for her. It's been an amazing road from a 3-person clinic in an 800 square foot store front the business it is now. After more than 25 years I can't believe I get to come to work and do THIS job!