Trichomonas gallinae

Trichomonas gallinae is a protozoan parasite known for causing canker in birds. T. gallinae is predominately a cosmoplitan parasite of pigeons and doves, however other domestic and wild birds can become infected if they are exposed to it.

Transmission: T. gallinae is generally found in the oral-nasal cavity or anterior end of the digestive and respiratory tracts of infected birds. T. gallinae is usually transmitted to poultry through contaminated feed, water or environment with feces from infected birds. It can also be spread through predator attacks where the bird survives the attack from a raptor such as a hawk, eagle, crow, owl, or other flying predator.



  • Order: Trichomonadida
  • Family: Trichomonadidae
  • Genus: Trichomonas


  • pigeons
  • doves
  • raptors
  • turkeys
  • chickens
  • game birds

Associated Diseases