Dermanyssus gallinae

Dermanyssus gallinae, otherwise known as the red poultry mite, is a common pest of chicken flocks. As an adult, the red poultry mite is about 0.6 to 1 mm in length, has 8 legs and can range in color from white to gray, to black to deep red (depending on whether it has recently fed on blood).

Red Poultry Mite Life Cycle: Red poultry mites have a rapid life cycle and can grow from egg to larva, followed by nymph and the last adult stage, in less than 2 weeks. Red poultry mites are known to flourish in environmental climates with high relative humidity (>70%), like during the warmer summer months.

Survival in the Environment: Red poultry mites are able to survive for up to 9 months in the environment without feeding on a host.



  • Order: Mesostigmata
  • Family: Dermanyssidae
  • Genus: Dermanyssus


  • wild and domestic birds
  • mammals
  • humans

Associated Diseases