Lasher Laboratory
Carvel Research & Education Center
16483 County Seat Highway
Georgetown , DE 19947

P: (302) 856-7303
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Lasher Laboratory

Lasher Laboratory is part of the University of Delaware’s Poultry Health System. It is a full-service diagnostic laboratory located at the Elbert N. & Ann V. Carvel Research and Education Center in Georgetown, Delaware. It serves as the primary poultry diagnostic laboratory for the State of Delaware’s $3.2 billion poultry industry. Due to the geographical location of Lasher Laboratory, the lab can respond quickly and efficiently to poultry disease diagnosis and outreach activities. The lab provides rapid and comprehensive diagnostic services to the commercial poultry industry as well as owners of small non-commercial hobby and backyard flocks. Lasher Lab assists the poultry industry with applied research as well as the community with outreach. The lab is staffed with five full-time technicians, one support staff, one quality manager, and one veterinarian.