NC State Poultry Tumor Diseases Laboratory
1060 William Moore Drive

Raleigh , NC 27607

P: 919-513-6852
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NC State Poultry Tumor Diseases Laboratory

NC State University's Poultry Tumor Diseases Laboratory (PTDL) offers several diagnostic tests to aid in the diagnosis of Marek's disease and other tumor-related diseases of poultry. You must download and fill out a submission form to send with the samples and pay the required fee. Specific details relating to what is required for each type of test and instructions for how to ship them are provided on their website.

  • Detection of ALV-A, B or J Real time PCR
  • Detection of REV Real time PCR
  • Immunohistochemistry (MD, cell phenotype)
  • Marek's disease diagnosis Real time PCR
  • Marek's disease virus isolation Plaque assay + FA
  • Monitoring Marek's disease serotype 1, 2 or 3 Real time PCR
  • Peripheral neuropathy diagnosis real time PCR Histopathology