Drug Type: Antibiotic

Novobiocin sodium

Novobiocin sodium is an aminocoumarin antibiotic. The spectrum of activity of novobiocin includes some gram positive cocci (Staphs, Streptococcus pneumonia, and some group A streps). Activity is variable against other Streptococci and weak against the Enterococci. Most gram negative organisms are resis­tant to the drug, but some Haemophilus sp., Neisseria sp., and Proteus sp. may be suscep­tible. After oral administration, novobiocin is well absorbed from the GI tract. Peak levels occur within 1-4 hours. The presence of food can decrease peak concen­trations of the drug.

Storage/Stability: Novobiocin should be stored in tight containers and at room temperature unless otherwise directed.
  • 15-30 mg/kg PO q24h
  • 220-385 mg/kg feed