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Intestinal Volvulus

Intestinal volvulus is a digestive tract condition in poultry. It involves the twisting across the long axis of the gut of the chicken and is characterized by compression of the thin-walled veins and obstruction of the influx of arterial blood. In younger chickens, intestinal volvulus can occur due to twisting around the yolk sac.

Intestinal volvulus has also been reported to occur as a secondary result of enteritis or abnormal peristalsis caused by parasitic worm infestation or coccidial infection.

Clinical Signs

Reluctance to move
Sitting alone
Ruffled feathers
Cyanotic combs, wattles and eyelids
Progressive weight loss
Loss of appetite
Dog-sitting position


  • History
  • Clinical signs
  • Physical exam


Surgery: Early, prompt treatment is required to save the bird. Surgery needs to be conducted by a qualified avian veterinarian.


Scientific References

Risk Factors

  • High amounts of internal parasites