About PoultryDVM

PoultryDVM is an online educational resource devoted to the health and well-being of poultry worldwide. It provides a comprehensive library of poultry health care information which is made accessible through the use of an interactive Symptom Checker Tool and other easy-to-use, visual tools. In addition, we continuously add real case stories of birds which offer a new way to learn about poultry health care. These stories are also intended to:

  • To promote better care of the birds (such as seeking veterinary care when needed, ensuring proper housing to protect from predators, recognizing signs of sickness, when and what to do for supportive care, etc.), and to demonstrate how each bird is an individual—with their own unique personality.
  • Promote awareness about the current welfare problems in the Poultry Industry (Laying hens, broilers, Easter gifts, cockfighting, abandonment.
  • To demonstrate different options for treatment and management of particular diseases or conditions---including those individual birds suffering from various manageable deformities (blindness, paralysis, scissors beak, etc.).
  • To inspire innovation and the use of new technologies, such as 3D printing to help in rehab and/or providing a better way of life for the bird.

There is no greater power on this earth than a story.