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Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Cerebellar hypoplasia and hydrocephalus is a neurological disorder of chicks. It is caused by inadequate development of the cerebellum and fluid pressure exerted on the chick's brain. The disorder is thought to be associated with the chicken parvovirus group.

Symptoms of Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Clinical signs of neurological involvement are noticeable soon after chicks have hatched, demonstrated by incoordination, paddling of the legs, and diarrhea.

Clinical Signs

Paddling of legs
Incoordination/lack of balance


  • History
  • Clinical signs
  • Physical exam
  • PCR


Supportive care: Isolate the bird from the flock and place in a safe, comfortable, warm location (your own chicken "intensive care unit") with easy access to water and food. Limit stress. Call your veterinarian.






Scientific References

Age Range

Clinical signs develop in day-old chicks.