Honeydew Melon


  • Antioxidant

Honeydew Melon

Citrullus vulgaris

Melon is a commonly cultivated crop belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. All parts of the fruit are edible to humans and animals, including poultry. Melons are high in essential vitamins and minerals. The high water content helps to ward off dehydration and aid with reducing the risk of heat stress during the hotter summer months.
Different parts of the melon fruit can also be of nutritional benefit to birds, including the concentrate, seeds, and husks. The melon husks are shells that are discarded after processing or shelling of melon seeds.

Beneficial for Egg Quality Improvement
Research conducted by Carillon J et al., 2016 showed that adding melon concentrate (26 mg/kg of feed) to the diet of laying hens for 6 weeks, improved the egg quality of the eggs produced by the hens. Specifically, it helped to increase egg weight (especially with respect to egg yolk weight) and assisted with improved antioxidant defenses in the oviduct.


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