Yeast culture

Other Names:

Yeast , Baker's Yeast , Brewer's Yeast, Dried Yeast Fermentate, EpiCor, Fibercel, Betafectin


  • Antioxidant
  • Antimycotoxins
  • Antibacterial
  • Anticoccidial
  • Antitoxin

Yeast Culture

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) are single-celled microorganisms, that are biologically classified as fungi. Yeasts are well known for their ability to ferment sugars in the absence of oxygen to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. There are literally hundreds of varieties and strains of yeast.

Using yeast as an additive in animal feed is a relatively new trend that was initially used due to the large quantities of yeast biomass waste generated by distilleries. There are many different forms of yeast which also present some confusion---there is live yeast, yeast extract, and yeast culture.

Live yeast
Used as a probiotic or direct fed microbial. The live yeast cells produce protective products with antitoxin effects and ability to ferment the carbohydrates produced, prohibiting their use by other bacteria.

Yeast extract
The only soluble portion of yeast autolysis

Yeast culture (YC)
YC contains the cellular constituents as well as residual viable cells. Supplementing YC in broiler feed showed that it enhanced adaptive immune system T lymphocytes, allowing for better clearing of pathogens.

Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS)
MOS is derived from the outer cell wall of S. cerevisiae and is able to bind to pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal system, preventing them from attaching the intestinal lining of the bird. Supplementing with MOS has shown benefit to growth performance of chickens and helps to reduce harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal system.

Excellent source of Vitamin B
Brewer's yeast serves as a good source of B vitamins. It is useful for chickens suffering from Biotin deficiency, Folic acid deficiency, Niacin deficiency, Pantothenic acid deficiency, Riboflavin deficiency (also known as curly toe paralysis), Thiamin deficiency, and Vitamin B6 deficiency.

Immune enhancement
Brewer's yeast has shown to have some immune enhancing properties. It has been shown to enhance neutrophil antimicrobial functions and to reduce staphylococcal abscess formation formed due to Staphylococcus infections.


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