Other Names:

Mosquito Fern, Duckweed Fern, Fairy Moss, Water Fern


  • Antioxidant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Protein supplement


Azolla spp

Azolla (Azolla spp) is a genus of seven species of aquatic ferns in the family Salviniaceae; these include A. caroliniana, A. filiculoides, A. microphylla, A. mexicana, A. nilotica and A. pinnata. Azolla is a small free-floating fern with floating stems that hang down in the water. It can vary in color from green to reddish-brown. Azolla appears similar to duckweed and is grown in quiet ponds that are protected from wind.

Azolla was initially used as a feed for poultry in Peru in the 18th century. It is high yielding and highly nutritious, making it an excellent fodder for ducks and waterfowl. Azolla can be fed to birds in fresh or dried form, however it quickly perishes in fresh form. It contains 20-28% highly digestible protein, and is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Azolla is an organic, low cost, nutrient-rich waterfowl and poultry feed.

Summary of Azolla-related Research in Poultry

FormSpeciesAmountTime periodResultsRef
MealChabro chicks5 - 10%56 daysimmune-modulatory effect of Azolla meal without any toxicity.Mishra DB et al., 2016
MealBroilers10%42 daysalong with enzyme Supplementation in an isonitrogenous diet showed a better immune response in Broilers.Chichilichi B et al., 2015
MealDucklings5 or 10%42 dayscan be included in the diet to economize the White Pekin broiler farming, and it can be great impetus to poultry farming to include unconventional nutrient source as a dietary Supplement.Acharya P et al., 2015
MealBroilers5%42 daysmay be the suitable dietary group for producing safe and profitable broiler.Islam MA et al., 2016
Biomassducklings5 to 10%42 daysincreased feed efficiencyP Acharya et al., 2015


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