2555 Mosby Creek Rd.
Cottage Grove , OR 97424

P: (541)942-9132
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Forest Valley Veterinary Clinic

Forest Valley Veterinary Clinic, located in Cottage Grove, OR has a longstanding tradition of helping their community and beyond with complete veterinary care. Their locally owned hospital has been serving the medical, surgical and dental needs of patients since 1982. Their practice's goal is to help educate their community about preventative veterinary health care and provide practical solutions to the problems their client's pets encounter. They believe every pet owner wants the best for their animal, and they are willing to work within every client's budget to make this happen.

Their office hours are M-F: 8:00am - 5:30pm, and Saturday 8:00am - 2:00pm. They are closed Sundays.
Bruce Behrends, DVM

Dr. Bruce Behrends grew up in Oregon, went to school in Oregon, and never thought twice about living anywhere else. He started his career working at the Veneta Veterinary Hospital back when they saw 'all creatures, great and small'. If you catch him on a slow day, he has some great stories to tell about those middle of the night farm calls. Over the years, he decided to focus his energies on small animals and creating a veterinary hospital that serves the needs of our community. He is now part owner in the Forest Valley Veterinary Clinic and Veneta Veterinary Hospital.

DuWayne Penfold, DVM

In 1970, Dr. Penfold graduated from Michigan State University and moved his family to Eugene to start life as a veterinarian. Since then, DuWayne has seen the community grow and change in many ways, but has maintained a philosophy of compassion and service to pets in need. He has given his time as President of the Lane County Veterinary Medical Association and the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, and as State Delegate to the American Veterinary Medical Association. There was even a time in the '80's, when he travelled to Salem to help save OSU's veterinary school who's funding had been cut from the state budget. There are many veterinarians in our area that have been mentored by Dr. Penfold, and many graduating classes of veterinarians that may never have been without him.

Lindsay Urquhart, DVM

Dr. Urquhart is originally from Massachusetts and Maine but he has fully defected to the Pacific Northwest. He spent time over the years in a wide variety of pursuits: from landscaping and maintenance to sailing the Atlantic Ocean, then building wooden boats and researching algae biofuels and genetics. Ultimately, he decided he wanted a more practical career where he could spend his time helping individuals and work with his hands as well as his mind. He graduated from the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and has been treating small animals ever since.

Paul Schiffgens, DVM

Dr. Paul Schiffgens has been working at Forest Valley Veterinary Clinic and Veneta Veterinary Hospital since his graduation from Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012. Having grown up in Maryland, he moved here in 1996 to attend the University of Oregon where he received his bachelor degrees in International and Environmental Studies. He fell in love with the area and has called it home ever since. After undergraduate school, Paul worked for several seasons on local organic farms before setting his sights on Veterinary Medicine.

Ryan Frome, DVM

I am a born-and-raised Oregonian, so I never realized how great the people were here until I moved away. We spent a few years in Eastern Pennsylvania after school, and enjoyed our proximity to the history, culture and diversity of this country. But suburban PA wasn't sure what to think of rhubarb instead roses, and laying hens in the backyard. One day, a reporter called me to get comment on a new city law to ban poultry. It was then I found out we were the only permitted owners of chickens (in a city of 75,000). They were gracious enough to 'grandfather our birds in', but I could tell I didn't quite fit in. I must say that Oregon has been more understanding since we've been back."