Gongylonema ingluvicola

Gongylonema ingluvicola is a type of nematode (roundworm) that, as adults, are slender-shaped, yellow, brown to red in color, between 6-14cm (2.4-5.5in) in length. Once they embed themselves into the wall of the esophagus they resemble a zigzag like shape. G. ingluvicola is an internal parasite of chickens. It invades the crop, esophagus and/or proventriculus of the chicken and feeds on the tissues and fluids of the organs.

Life cycle
G. ingluvicola have an indirect life cycle and use beetles and cockroaches as intermediate hosts, which can also serve as transport hosts of the parasite to chickens, if they are ingested.


  • Order: Spirurida
  • Family: Gongylonematidae
  • Genus: Gongylonema


  • chicken
  • game birds