Brand Names:
Lamisil, Terbinex

Drug Type: Antifungal


Terbinafine (brand names Lamisil® and Terbinex®) is an antifungal medication used for treatment of fungal infections. It is available in both oral and topical formulations.

Terbinafine possesses in vitro activity against Microsporum spp, Histoplasma spp, Blastomyces spp, Aspergillus spp, Candida spp, and Trichophyton spp. It is most often used for treatment of dermatophytic infections, however may also be beneficial in cases of other fungal infections.
  • Oral: 15-30 mg/kg q12h
  • Nebulized: 1 mg/mL solution (can be combined with itraconazole)
oral, topical