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Avian Nephritis

Avian nephritis is an acute, highly contagious viral infection caused by avian nephritis virus (ANV), a type of astrovirus. ANV belongs to the Astroviridae virus family and affects poultry flocks worldwide.

There are multiple strains of the virus, as confirmed by a recent sampling of 60 poultry farms in Brazil. ANV 3 was confirmed to be present in 100% of samples taken across 98 Dutch broiler flocks from 86 farms. A recent study performed in the United States to detect the presence of several senteroviruses in chicken flocks demonstrated that ANV was the most prevalent virus followed by coronavirus, reovirus, CAstV, and rotavirus.

Clinical Signs

Reduced body weight
Stunted growth


  • History
  • Clinical signs
  • Physical exam
  • RT-PCR assay


Supportive care: Isolate the bird from the flock and place in a safe, comfortable, warm location (your own chicken "intensive care unit") with easy access to water and food. Limit stress. Call your veterinarian.


Scientific References

Age Range

ANV-induced clinical disease presents as kidney lesions in young chickens but only presents as a subclinical persistent infection in mature chicken.

Risk Factors

  • Stress