Sicilian Buttercup
Other Names:
Flowerbird, Buttercup
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Sicilian Buttercup

The Buttercup Breed originates from Sicily. The name comes from the unusual cup shaped comb and glorious golden feathering. Hens and roosters look very different.
  • Buttercup Roosters: The buttercup rooster has rich deep orange feathers with a greenish black tail.
  • Buttercup Hens: Buttercup hens are on the smaller side, and have gold plumage with black spangles running in parallel rows, producing a spotted appearance.
Both hens and roosters of the buttercup breed have white earlobes and soft green colored legs.

The Buttercup is not a prolific egg laye. They are not known for being broody. They are flighty, active birds and do not like being kept in confined runs, preferring to be out free ranging where possible. They don't really like human contact and tend to keep their distance. Chicks are early maturing but the cup shaped comb takes a while to develop fully.

Cold Advisory!: This breed is more at risk of developing frostbite on their combs, so care needs to be taken when the temperatures drop below freezing.