Scots Dumpy
Other Names:
Bakies, Crawlers, Creepies
Egg Color:
Single rose

Scots Dumpy

The Scots Dumpy chicken breed has been bred in Scotland since 1678. The bird is considered an ideal broody, being an excellent sitter and mother. They have a very heavy body and waddle as they walk due to their very short legs. They are large, low birds with long broad bodies, a deep breast and medium sized, neatly tucked wings. The tail is long and flowing and they have a fine head. The beak is curved, the eyes are large and bright and they have a medium single comb which is upright and serrated. The face is smooth and the earlobes are small while the wattles are medium sized. They need nice easy ground to live on as their legs are so short. They like to be able to free range but care with diet needs to be taken as they do get fat easily. Chicks need special drinking and feeding care as they are not able to cope with high feeders and drinkers. They should also be kept off wet grass as they chill easily. They are reported to show resistance to Marek's disease.