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The Rosecomb is an old breed of bantam, which originates in Great Britain but little is known about the history of the breed. They have a large rose comb with striking white earlobes and wattles. They males have long sickle tail feathers and the legs are slate blue, long and graceful. The wings are pointed downwards so that the tips almost reach the floor and the back is one long elegant curve from neck to tail. The eyes are generally hazel in black-feathered birds and red in white-feathered varieties.

Rosecomb bantams aren't known for being broody and they can suffer from poor fertility. There is also a problem with poor hatchability leading to embryos dying in incubators as they near hatching time. This may be due to dampness in the incubator so care needs to be taken when incubating their eggs. The chicks are often in need of special care as they are slow to mature and need to be kept warm and dry and receive good feed to help them grow. They are pretty hardy in both heat and cold and the cocks can be rather aggressive. They are good fliers but will tolerate being in a confined space. They tend to be very friendly birds and make good pets. Special care needs to be taken in cold weather, as the comb is prone to frostbite. Cocks weigh around 22oz while hens are approximately 18oz.