Rhode Island Red
North America
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Single rose

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red breed was created by Dr. R. D. Crawford from 20 males and 50 females in 1985. It was developed from Asiatic black-red fowls of Shanghai, Malay and Java types, bred on the farms of Rhode Island Province.

Both the males and females have a medium size head, carried horizontally and slightly forward. They have large, oval, prominent eyes. They have a single, medium sized comb with 5, well-defined points, or a rose comb.

Both sexes have reddish-horn beaks, red eyes, bright red comb/face/wattles/ear-lobes, and rich yellow, or reddish-horn color shanks and roes. A line of red pigment down the sides of their shanks extending to the tip of the toes may be present.


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