New Hampshire
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New Hampshire

The New Hampshire chicken breed originates from 1915 in the United States, where it was bred from the Rhode Island Red in New Hampshire. They were originally bred for their eggs but have gained a reputation as a good table bird. Their body is well rounded with a deep full breast and medium length tail. The head is deep and rather flat on top with prominent eyes, a single comb with five points, smooth face, large wattles and oval red earlobes. The legs are yellow and the lower thighs are large and muscular with feet that have four toes. The feathers are a lovely deep chestnut red and are fluffy and full.

New Hampshire chicks are quick to feather up and mature quickly. The hens lay well and are placid and friendly and can be easily tamed. They thrive in a run or wandering free and as they are not good fliers, they do not need particularly high fencing. They do not have a tendency towards broodiness although it can occur occasionally. The New Hampshire breed are also good winter layers. They are able to cope with cold weather except that their combs are subject to frostbite so care should be taken.