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The Magpie duck is a lightweight duck breed with attractive distinctive markings. It is known as a general purpose duck and a highly productive layer of large eggs. As the bird ages the black cap will normally begin to be flecked with white and may eventually become completely white. Similar in shape to the Khaki Campbell, but more substantial, the Magpie is moderately streamlined with a somewhat upright carriage that suggests Indian Runner Duck in its ancestral bloodline. The bill is yellow or orange, but turns green in older birds. The legs and feet are orange but may be mottled. The chest is rounded and the neck moderately long. Males have, when fully feathered, curled feathers on the tail. Females have, when fully feathered, straight feathers on the tail. They are a hardy variety, active foragers, and live for approximately 9 to 12 years. While generally at home on land and not capable of sustained flight, they can propel themselves over a 2–3 foot wall if startled.