La Fleche
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Devil Bird, Poule De La Flèche
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La Fleche

The La Fleche is now rare but were around in France before 1660, taking their name from the town of La Fleche in the Valley of La Sarthe. They are a large dual-purpose breed with a V-comb and the remains of a small crest. This V-shaped comb is often referred to as a Devils Head due to the horn-like parallel points. They have long wattles, white earlobes and the plumage is nearly always black with black legs and feet. The tail is well developed and has many ornamental feathers. It probably originates from the Crevecoeurs and Black Spanish. As a table bird, the skin of the La Fleche is remarkably white. There is also a bantam version available, which was developed in Germany.

The La Fleche is a good forager and is happy to free range but will adapt equally well to confinement. They are flighty and will fly over 2 metres so fencing needs to be high to keep them contained. If allowed, they will roost in trees so it is a good idea to train them to return to their coops by feeding them before dusk. They are active birds but avoid human contact and will not generally allow themselves to be tamed. The hens are not known for being broody and chicks mature slowly but they are hardy birds and the hens will lay throughout the winter.