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Cochins are one of the friendliest and docile of the chicken breeds, and have a well-rounded and dignified appearance. The breed has short legs and moderate length lower thighs, with an abundance of long, soft, outstanding fluff plumage that extends well down the length of the shanks and covers the knee or hock joints. Cochins have four, straight toes which are completely feathered at the middle and outer toes. The breed has a short, stout beak and large, prominent eyes. It's ear lobes are medium-sized, elongated ovals that do not have any wrinkles or folds. Cochin hens are known for being excellent mothers and go broody often. The breed originated from China and was exported to Europe and the Americas in the mid 19th century. Cochins come in a variety of different colors.

Breed disqualifications for showing
  • Vulture hocks: When the chicken has bare middle and/or outer toe, and bottoms of the feet are not yellow in color.
  • Shanks and toes are a different color than what is required for the specific color class of chicken.
Breed defects for showing
  • Oversized, twisted, or lopped comb
  • Head is carried higher than the tail
  • Breast is too low, causing the feathers to touch the ground.
  • Wing carriage is too low
  • Tail feathers are too stiff
  • Keel is carried too high
  • Breast or keel bone is crooked
  • Overall appearance of being a creeper
  • Concave surface in any section
  • Bird lacks down fiber in underfluff
  • Any semblance of stiltiness