Other Names:
Gallina Mapuche, South American Rumpless
South America
Egg Color:
Blue green
Egg Size:
Avg # eggs:


The Arauncana originated from South America, and named after the Arauca Indians of Chile. The hens usually produce green and blue eggs, although this can range from a greyish or violet blue to a turquoise or greenish blue. If crossed with other breeds, they often produce green colored eggs. The breed has no wattles and he facial feathers are thick with a small crest on the head. They are short, rounded birds with an upright stance and a broad skull. They have an unusual wart-like feature on either side of their heads called plicae where the earlobes are usually seen. These have feathers on them which make up ear tufts which slat backwards.

Araucanas unfortunately carry a "lethal gene", so that breeding two tufted birds together results in 50% with tufts, 25% of the brood dying in the shell, and 25% having no tufts.

The breed has no tail (referred to as being rumpless) and so-called ear tufts, which are feather-covered epidermal appendages that project from the side of the chicken’s head. The tufts are associated with an irregular external ear opening and a reduced external auditory canal.